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Tommie Frazier’s 1993 Orange Bowl Jersey

An orange and white game jersey worn by Husker legend Tommie Frazier. The jersey sports the Orange Bowl logo, Big 12 Conference logo, Russel Athletics logo, and repairs made by the team.

Tommie’s performance in the ’93 Orange bowl didn’t end in victory (14-27 vs. Florida St.) for the Huskers but was the start of one of the most dominant eras in college football history. Frazier would go on to be named MVP  in his next three bowl games ( 94, 95 Orange 96 Fiesta).  This jersey is from Mr. Frazier’s Freshman year and shows wonderful wear.  There’s one large team repair just above the Russell Athletic tag. It’s in the shape of a reverse seven.

Of all the wonderfully unique and rare items we have at Vintage Red this one is at the very top. No collection can ever be complete without an important piece from Tommie Frazier.  What he did for our program will probably never be duplicated.  When coaches and scouts talk about the “IT” factor, whatever “IT” is, Tommie Frazier was “IT”.