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The 1955 Orange Bowl Watch

A white with gold trim watch featuring a logo of a football player punting a football. It has a leather handle, and reads "Orange Bowl Classic 1955."

Nebraska’s second ever trip to a Bowl game was again an unsuccessful one losing to the Duke Blue Devils 34-7.  However without Nebraska’s first invitation to the Orange Bowl players would not have been given there gift bags and this piece of Husker history wouldn’t exist.  One item the players received from the Orange Bowl committee was this watch.   I have never seen it before acquiring this one and haven’t seen one since.  Very rare and unique, this 1955 Orange  Bowl watch is in very good condition and still in working order.  Featuring a player punting the football, it definitely has a 1950’s feel.

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The Hall of Fame Certificate

Bob Devaney's Hall of Fame Certificate, matted and framed. It features the late coaches face, as well as his accomplishments as coach.

You may have seen this Bob Devaney College Football Hall of Fame Certificate before if you have taken the University of Nebraska Football tour through the Champions’ Hall.  There are actually three of these.  One at UNL, one at the College Football Hall of Fame and this one which Hung in Coach Devaney’s Home.

We at Vintage Red are honored to have it as a permanent part of our gallery.  There isn’t a more important piece of that signifies what Coach Devaney meant to the Nebraska football program not to mention all Nebraskans.  Deanvey started his coaching career at Michigan State (53-56) as an assistant before moving on to Wyoming (57-61) , his first head coaching job, where he compiled a record of 35-10-5 and 4 Skyline conference championships.  In 1962 Devaney was hired as Head Coach of the University of Nebraska, forever changing the landscape of Husker Football.  He immediately changed the fortunes of the program with a 9-2 mark and a victory in the Gotham Bowl in ’62 following another disappointing season under Bill Jennings in ’61 that finished with a 3-6-1 record.  His tenure as head coach ended in 1972 with a career mark of 101-20-2 (.829) as he moved on to the Athletic Directors chair.  He was elected into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1981.

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The Apex Jacket

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