1962 Gotham Bowl Watch

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Nebraska was a last minute invite to this game after two other universities had turned the Gotham Bowl down.  Jumping at the chance to participate in a bowl game for the first time since the 1955 Orange Bowl, Nebraska agreed to attend.  The was however one catch, the Gotham Bowl had to pay all of UNL’s travel expenses. Nebraska’s plane to New York sat on the tarmac at the Lincoln airport for hours waiting for the Gotham Bowl’s check to clear before they could embark on their trip. By the time the Huskers arrived, the University of Miami had already been there for two days and many of the gifts from the Gotham Bowl had already been given primarily to the Miami Hurricane players and coaches.  Only the seven coaches on Nebraska’s staff were given watches, as that is all that were left, though most coaches ended up giving their watches to a senior player on the squad.

This story behind a watch like this, and the number of them remaining, there make this a very important piece for Nebraska collectors of any type.  This watch is extremely rare, especially in its condition, and keeps accurate time, provided you wind it everyday.