Mike Rozier’s 1983 Maxwell Award

Gallery Item, Not for Sale


As a junior at Nebraska, Mr. Rozier broke Bobby Reynolds’ long standing single season rushing record with 1689 yards.  Also scoring 15 touchdowns, Rozier ran his way to a 10th place finish in the Heisman voting in ’82, before winning it in ’83.  The 1982 AP All American team is a who’s who of the best players ever to play college football.  The entire 1st team is listed on the certificate. Members include John Elway, Eric Dickerson, NU’s Dave Rimington, Anthony Carter, and Herschel Walker, just to name a few. This piece was acquired directly from Mr. Rozier who has been more than helpful during the building of our gallery.

The Maxwell , along with the Walter Camp award, were considered to be the most prestigious awards outside of the Heisman trophy in past years.  The luster has worn off these particular awards recently but that does not diminish their importance to us at Vintage Red nor the Husker community.  We are proud to have one of the most important trophies given in college football in our gallery.