The 1928 Horseshoe

Gallery Item, Not for Sale


This is the original horseshoe that started the tradition we all know today.  It first hung in Memorial Stadium in 1928 and there it stayed until the building of Schulte Field-house.  The “shoe” was then replaced with a smaller version but was still taken on road trips as a source of good luck.  When Bob Devaney came to town he took possession of it. It stayed in Devaney’s care until his later years as AD when he gave it to a good friend and faculty member at UNL by the name of Goolsby. After the death of Mr. Goolsby, the family had an estate auction and explained to the history of the Horseshoe.

Dan Rath, an avid Nebraska history collector of all kinds not only athletics, purchased the Horseshoe from that auction many years ago. Dan was gracious enough to pass on this wonderful piece of Husker history to JC Wickstrom, owner of Vintage Red Sports Gallery.  Its a piece all Nebraska fans, young and old, will enjoy.