Tom Osborne 1978 Sideline Headset vs. Oklahoma

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A rare piece from Tom Osborne’s coaching  legacy at NU.  Comes with Coa From Tom’s son Mike Osborne.  The Coa actually says this headset is from the 1960’s.  However with my obsessive nature concerning Nebraska memorabilia I decided to search every game I could until I found some video or a photo of Osborne wearing them.  After only about a week I came upon the 1978 Oklahoma game.    These are without a doubt the headset Osborne was wearing.  Included is a great photo match in the picture gallery.

The 78 Oklahoma game was one of the all time great OU-NU matchups.   #4 Nebraska beat the #1 ranked Sooners 17-14 to deny Oklahoma a shot at the national title.  It was also Osborne’s first victory over Barry Switzer and Oklahoma and Nebraska’s first win over Oklahoma since the 1971 “Game of the Century.”  Switzer would later say the 78 team was possibly his greatest, which makes it so much sweater.